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Add this to your custom theme:

        function doctype()
            if(isset($this->content['a_form'])) {
                $a_form = $this->content['a_form'];
                $this->content['a_form'] = $a_form;

asked Apr 16, 2012 in Q2A Core by anonymous How to do it by making a advance theme ?
@NoahY but one problem bro...when i comment though that box the answer going to top of all other answer first..i know when refresh the page it will come under all...but after commenting  how can i make that all under other answers???
qa-content / qa-question.js
line 98

l.insertBefore(c, l.firstChild);
l.insertBefore(c, l.lastChild);
the only thing I noticed with this though is if you have your admin settings in admin>viewing>show answer form immediately set to Always.. when you click on the "answer" link in the original post.. it hides the answer box instead of moving the user to that section of the page.. if you click it again.. it then moves the user down
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I believe you need to create an advanced-theme.

I'm almost positive you want to modify qa-include/qa-page-question-view
You can modify the layout in your advanced theme.  Otherwise very simple updates will always break your changes.
Thanks. Do you know which function I should override in my advanced theme?