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Hello I am styling Q2A version 1.5 beta for my use and once I will done I would like to contribute to Q2A so other people also can use that or if you want to add into Q2A 1.5 version I have no problem.

I am not changing any php but only styling. For base I am using Candy theme.

I am almost done but only thing I am not able to change look and feel of WYSIWYG editor.

Please let me know about the same.

See attached images

list view

admin/profile page

content page with accepted answerask question editor





Here are more update.








So here are some images for light theme. For your information I have used Facebook blue color for this version. If you are looking for any particular color just tell me I will try to make theme for you but need some time..

Q2A version: 1.5 beta
I have submited link to gidgreen, anyways you can download it from this link http://portfolio.pixelngrain.com/downloads/templates/question2answer-themes/
Thanks. If you didn't notice all two themes are named as "Dark Version - L1.00".
Oh yeh, thanks.. let me change it and re upload.
I have corrected, thanks a lot :)

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send a pm to gidgreen once you have a link for it:


If you want help, maybe you can create a github repo, then other people could fork it:

You can post the theme as a .zip file anywhere online, and send me a message with URL so I can list it on the Q2A Add-Ons page.
Can't I put on my website and can download from that? or is it required to put on github
Yes, it's fine if you just put it on your website as a .zip.
I hope you got my PM