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Hello I am styling Q2A version 1.5 beta for my use and once I will done I would like to contribute to Q2A so other people also can use that or if you want to add into Q2A 1.5 version I have no problem.

I am not changing any php but only styling. For base I am using Candy theme.

I am almost done but only thing I am not able to change look and feel of WYSIWYG editor.

Please let me know about the same.

See attached images

list view

admin/profile page

content page with accepted answerask question editor





Here are more update.








So here are some images for light theme. For your information I have used Facebook blue color for this version. If you are looking for any particular color just tell me I will try to make theme for you but need some time..

Q2A version: 1.5 beta
I have submited link to gidgreen, anyways you can download it from this link http://portfolio.pixelngrain.com/downloads/templates/question2answer-themes/
Thanks. If you didn't notice all two themes are named as "Dark Version - L1.00".
Oh yeh, thanks.. let me change it and re upload.
I have corrected, thanks a lot :)

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send a pm to gidgreen once you have a link for it:


If you want help, maybe you can create a github repo, then other people could fork it:

Thanks for your quick response.

1. Alright, I will send a link as I will make it live.
2. I don't have github account and I am not in a situation that can allow me to open and account with it.

Can you suggest me alternative way?
github accounts are free unless you want private repositories... what's the problem?
Than there is no problem :) Okay I will create an account and get back to you. Thanks.


Also I have decided to create light color theme with dark so people can use according to choice.
Alright I have open an account with github what next???
I am waiting for your reply NoahY
You can post the theme as a .zip file anywhere online, and send me a message with URL so I can list it on the Q2A Add-Ons page.
Can't I put on my website and can download from that? or is it required to put on github
Yes, it's fine if you just put it on your website as a .zip.
I hope you got my PM