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I am not sure about the best approach to achieve the following.

On the same server I have one site:


and one

myquestions.com driven by q2a

Actually I have an ask box on mylocations and send a question to the q2a site through an input form. Then the customer is redirected to the q2a site and fills out the form completely.

Later I load the q2a rss through a rss reader to show the question list on mylocations site.

If I am right, this is completely rediculous  ; (


Can I achieve through EXTERNAL integration that the visitor, asks and answers on my mylocations.com page while the myquestions.com site is still an independent website, showing the submitted questions from mylocations.com and any other question someone asks ?

Can I show the ask and answer and comentform on mylocationssite ?

Thatfore, would I have to include (more or less) all files from qa base directory and then simply add the theme functions to my existing php code to show boxes, lists and forms ?

Basically would I just add the theme (most of it) to my existing code ?

May sound silly the question, but I do not know better. 

So, if this is the way to go, then q2a would resolve many problems and even give the best ask&comment form ever.

Thanks for any hint into the right direction !








Q2A version: 1.5

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