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I dont want to use the title "Ask a Question"  rather I want to use "Need Help/ Post a Query" and then allow user to post their question and I also want user to post a URL in separate Box which will be shown next to the question.


Something like: I have raised this question in Stackoverflow please refer this URL

URL wont be shown directly but a Box which on clicking will take to the other website.

How to add some custom fields while asking questions and insert the same in the database.


also rename "most answers" to most comments or popular
Q2A version: 1.5

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To change "Ask a Question" to "Need Help/ Post a Query" you need to set up your custom language:

1) create your lang folder (e.g. en_CU) in /qa-lang/ .
2) copy into it all files qa_lang_*.php from /qa-include/ folder.
3) edit qa_lang_main.php : 
'nav_ask' => 'Need Help',
4) Occacionally, edit qa_config.php :

'ask' => 'needhelp',

If you want to add a box with a link on a question form, you need to write a plugin. However, more easily, you can add a custom html on the top of question form with some description that user is likely to add some referring URL within his question. Because why hide the url beside a button ?

asked Feb 6, 2012 in Q2A Core by anonymous How do I "invoke" the new language