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It looks like there is a problem with using the markdown editor for comments in 1.5, though I guess that's a bit excessive anyway.  The problem is there are now multiple editors on the page, so it only adds the toolbar for the first one.

Any way around this?
Q2A version: 1.5
I'm just upgrading the Markdown editor to use the newer PageDown script the Stack Overflow guys released. I'll check into this as I do. I have plain text for comments, but if you convert an answer into a comment it stays as Markdown so this may cause problems in that situation too.
FYI there are some new calls available to editor modules in Q2A 1.5 to help with these sorts of situations, now that there can be multiple (hidden) editors on a page.
thanks, looking forward to it :)

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Hi Noah, I fixed the problem with multiple editors. There were also ID clashes which were part of the problem which are fixed too.

And on Gideon's advice I set the editors to only load when they appear. The editors are fairly light but with a lot of answers it does make a difference (10+ second page load time with 70 answers, just on localhost)

Now on Github: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-markdown-editor