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My website shows a blank page after I upgrade to 1.5. I uploaded it again and still a blank page. Can someone help me?

Ok, I check my error_log page and it says:

[25-Jan-2012 08:22:51] PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1054: Unknown column 'permit' in 'field list' - Query: (SELECT 'pending_navpages' AS selectkey, pageid, title, flags, permit+0 AS permit, nav, tags, position, heading, NULL AS widgetid, NULL AS place FROM qa_pages WHERE nav IN ('B','M','O','F') ORDER BY position) UNION ALL (SELECT 'pending_widgets', NULL, title, NULL, NULL, NULL, tags, position, NULL, widgetid, place FROM qa_widgets ORDER BY position)

What does it means?

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This is expected and it should direct you to the upgrading process. But for some reason that's not working. What happens if you go straight to this page in your Q2A installation: