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Normally, in an organizational network all web browsing routed through single IP.

In that case our view count is not increasing but visited by no of unique visitors from same organization, which has same IP.

I cannot say this is the issue. Might be some other way of tracking the users view for absolute view count.

Please check once.
Q2A version: 1.5

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Yes, it's because of the same IP address. Ths is a check Q2A makes to make it harder for people to bump up the view counts by refreshing many times. You can solve this by removing the following line in qa-page-question.php:

( ($question['lastviewip']!=qa_remote_ip_address()) || (!isset($question['lastviewip'])) ) &&

So for example all the viewing of my sites come from an unic group of id behind a Cdn i can see the exact number of view?