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Hi guys,

I was just wondering, is there a 1.6 version on the planning?

And what will its main features be?

The current 1.5.1 version is very close to perfect I have to say But it would be awesome if any future versions would contain some out-of-the-box basic functionalities like:

  • advanced search,
  • preview of your question/reply before posting,
  • using a name (instead of anonymous) while replying as a guest,
  • leaving replies on pages...

Hope to hear soon!



You may be out of luck... Gideon said he's working on 2.0, so probably won't have time for 1.6 :)
Cool! Any info on that?

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What features will be included, do you know any information? Will community be able to submit their requests like the previous versions?

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Yes, I imagine there will be. I don't yet know exactly when, but late 2012 / early 2013 is likely. When the time comes I will post the usual question here to collect feature requests. But hopefully in the meantime lots of cool plugins will appear for 1.5.x!