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I may have confused myself but won't be the first time. I've got wordpress in a subfolder in the root domain of my site. I want to install Q2A - so that it integrates with WP and I am assuming will not require additonal registration - they can use the wp registration to post in q&A.

In the config changes, it wants the path to the wordpress folder. site.com/blog basically. Then it says to upload the contents from the q2a folder into the main wordpress installation.

Problem. There's an index.php file in the q2a contents that will override the index.php that is my wordpress main index page.

I tried changing the name to the q2a directory to qa and uploading that into the wordpress directory, changing the path in the config file but that's definitely not working since it's inside the qa directory.

I need a solution ;-)
Q2A version: latest

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You can't upload Q2A into the same directory as WordPress. Instead, you should install it either as a subdirectory of the WordPress directory, or as a parallel directory, e.g. site.com/blog/qa or site.com/qa.