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I have 1 Q&A site running and want to add more Q&A sites (not all at same time), what is the best way of doing this?
Q2A version: 1.5
related to an answer for: 2 Q&A sites, error in merging users?
Same problem here. It is appreciated to any help.
I tried to use cURL to force it share session ID between two domains but no luck.

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No, you do not need SSO, that is only when you want to integrate with an external user base (e.g. Wordpress, a forum or your own user system).

For multiple Q2A sites you can simple set an option on the second site after you have set it up. See http://www.question2answer.org/qa/5622/how-does-the-multiple-q2a-sites-work-in-1-4

Thanks DisgruntledGoat. Though I have problems when I have one site set up and running, then want to add another site later.

I know you can set up both sites at once but I may continue to link more sites later. The problem is when I set up a 2nd site after the 1st site is running and already has activity - it overwrites information like usernames, etc.

Any help is appreciated - thanks!
Not sure what you are doing to get it overwriting usernames... Make sure you are setting up the second site with a different prefix such as qa2_, then set users prefix to the one for the first site: define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_');
I had set up site 1 and it's running with some activity already, then set up site 2. It seems I have to set up the sites together as Gideon says here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/13857/2-q%26a-sites-error-in-merging-users?show=13909#a13909

I wondered if there was any way around having to set up all the sites at the same time before they go live - because I will add more sites eventually over time.

Thank you.