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I am looking for solutino to make my qa where given answer only can bee seen by who asked the question and who gave the answer.

Means if X ask the question and Y answered the question than Z can't see Y answer but only X and Y can see Y answer same for the Z. If Z answered than only X and Z can see the answer but Y cant see Z answer.
Q2A version: 1.5

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Escuse me but at what can be usefull this function? so it become impossible to discuss and to confront on a question?

May be that i have not understood your proposal and i'm sorry .
You are completely right!. In my case I don't want to use it as a discussion rather I want to use for only answer and that only will be given by the person which will be paid answer. So only who asked the question and who gave the answer plus admin only can view the answer so no one can steal that without paying money. :)

I am also looking for any payment system with paypal for Q&A
I have same idea with you. But now I have not solved this issue
Actually got busy with some other priority task and completely forgot this. Thanks to remind me by adding comment. I think we can try together to make it work.