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I'm looking for a way for a user (maybe a "special" user - moderator, admin, etc) to relate two questions together similar to what happens when you "asked a related question" on a post.

I see, in the database, that this might be as simple as relating the two posts using the Parent Id field when the post type is a question (normally, this would be left blank for questions unless the question is related to another post).

I know this could be done with a plug-in or something - I'm wondering if its already been done.
Q2A version: 1.5.2
would really be helpful.

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There is a way for merging questions:


But honestly I am not aware of relating questions with eachother.
Yeah, merging them where one is consumed by the other wasn't my intent (though it is a nice feature to have).  I just want to link the questions together in a way where its easy for a user to see that there's a related question and can navigate to it easily.