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Must Read This Is Important For All Q2ASuperUser Theme User Only

In Submenu under unanswered page All Menu Like

No Answer, No Selected Answers And No Upvote Answer

These Two  No Answer,  And No Upvote Answer  have there own class for example

No Answer have "qa-nav-sub-answers"

No Upvote Answer have "qa-nav-sub-upvotes"

But No Selected Answers have "qa-nav-sub-selected"   which is already used in selected item due to this wrong class every  best theme give an error ..........

So Please tell me how to change this "qa-nav-sub-selected"  to "qa-nav-sub-selected-ans"  under php files.............


<ul class="qa-nav-sub-list">

<li class="qa-nav-sub-item qa-nav-sub-answers"> <a href="./unanswered" class="qa-nav-sub-link qa-nav-sub-selected">No answer</a> </li>

<li class="qa-nav-sub-item qa-nav-sub-selected"> <a href="./unanswered?by=selected" class="qa-nav-sub-link">No selected answer</a> </li>

<li class="qa-nav-sub-item qa-nav-sub-upvotes"> <a href="./unanswered?by=upvotes" class="qa-nav-sub-link">No upvoted answer</a> </li>



see in uper list css class in red color it is used in both. i am not wrong dear friends concentrate on this and if you use theme below link in comments you see it yourself

this is not a false it is true you can cheak by installing a theme q2asuperuser
 Download Link

and then ckeack it under unanswered page
This is not "important for all users"

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To Fix This Problem goto 


replace the line in last



'selected' => array(
'label' => qa_lang('main/nav_no_selected_answer'),
'url' => qa_path_html($request, array('by' => 'selected')),


'unansweredselected' => array(
'label' => qa_lang('main/nav_no_selected_answer'),
'url' => qa_path_html($request, array('by' => 'selected')),
Any One Can Change This This Is  A Class Error.