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Best Value for "Question title length in URLs"?

I guess here in q2a forum it is about 60.

What are you using? ... maybe there is no best, but there is experience ;)

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The recommended URL size is between 3 and 40 characters in length. The shorter the better.
"The shorter the better." source? or experience?
Why is it better?
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Mine is set to minimum 20, maximum 120. But it really depends on the site - some may want really short titles, some may want really long titles.

Oops, misread the question. My URL length is set to 50 (I think that's the default). Seems fairly sensible as it gets all the main keywords in the URL.

admin/viewing has only one value for "Question title length in URLs:"
I don't mean the "minimum/maximum length of question title" under admin/posting :)
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I think between 40 and 60 is fine.

from SEO point of view keywords in URLs can be helpfull while too many keywords wont have much affect. and from UEO (user experience optimization) a few word can help in many situations while a long URL is just disturbing.