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When you ask a question there is the tag auto-completion. In the source I can see there are 200 tags provided. How do I increase this number? Q2A used to list ALL of them (which was too many) but in practice 200 seems not enough.

In qa-pag-ask.php the tags appear to use the value of QA_DB_RETRIEVE_COMPLETE_TAGS... but that is set to 10000 so that can't be it. I can't see where the 200 number is coming from.

Q2A version: 1.5.2

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Found the answer so may as well post it. I followed the code to the qa_db_popular_tags_selectspec function and that is using the constant QA_DB_RETRIEVE_TAGS to limit the tags.

So I put this line in qa-config.php and it increases the number of tags:

define('QA_DB_RETRIEVE_TAGS', 500);