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Only for me as admin I get events shown twice. What could be the reason?

Entries from the database (qa_eventlogger):

2012-09-09 20:00:14 1 echteinfachtv in_a_unselect
2012-09-09 20:00:14 NULL NULL a_unselect
2012-09-09 19:59:59 1 echteinfachtv in_a_select
2012-09-09 19:59:59 NULL NULL a_select
2012-09-09 19:59:59 1 echteinfachtv in_a_unselect
2012-09-09 19:59:59 NULL NULL a_unselect
2012-09-09 19:59:58 1 echteinfachtv in_a_select
2012-09-09 19:59:58 NULL NULL a_select

The anonymous user has obviously chosen best answer, and then unselected it again. But why do I see the events (best answer twice)? I am using the history plugin...


Maybe it is a too long day again... and the above is correct?

closed with the note: it is not the plugin but the core