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We have just installed the edit revision history plugin, but it seems not to work properly.

After editing a post, a note appears below the post saying that it was edited, but no link to the revision history is available.

What has to be done to make the revision history visible?
Uh, do you now know what went wrong  (you said in your recent blog post there  is a link)?
Yes, there is a link that sometimes works and sometimes not in a quite unpredictable manner :-/
This is probably related to the PHP errors I get who say that I should not call dynamic functions statically or something like that. Seems this messes some things up in the memory...

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I'm facing this same problem - no edit link is clickable when I make edit changes to questions or answers... any thoughts?

Q2A v1.7 - visibility setting is on for ALL and have waited for 5 mins to 12 hours.
Are you editing older posts? If you edit within 5 minutes (or your configured time) it doesn't show the link. Also check the setting "Edit History visible for" as it may not show if you're logged out.
I've tried editing a number of posts, new and old, varying from 5 mins to 12 hours after the edit, and it says "edited 12 hours ago by admin" with the word edited in black. No link.

I've checked and double checked the few config options - trying to change 5 mins to 30 seconds with no joy. I've even changed the Visible option to allow ALL to see edits. No joy.

I'm on q2a v1.7.
Solved it - need to click the date which takes you to the edits screen where you can revert etc I was expecting the "edit" word to be hyperlinked to take me there.

A little non-intuitive...