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I couldn't find answer to my question, but is it possible to allow only one answer per user?

I don't wish that Q2A would become some kind of forum, so if user is willing to answer the question he/she will have only 1 option. But they could still using replies.

I would also like to dissallow author of the question to post comment.

Am I asking too much? :)


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(I'm assuming you're using the 1.2 beta here)

To disallow a user from posting more than one answer, modify function qa_page_q_load_q() in qa-page-question.php as follows:

if ($answers[$key]['isbyuser'])

... to ...

if ($answers[$key]['isbyuser']) {

To disallow the author of a question to post a comment, add this at the end of qa_page_q_post_rules(&$post) in the same file:

if ($post['isbyuser'] && ($post['basetype']=='Q'))
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First mod is working, thx ;)

But second one isn't :(

At the end of function:
function qa_page_q_post_rules(&$post)


I added:
        if ($post['isbyuser'] && ($post['basetype']=='Q'))

Did I do anything wrong?

PS: yes, its beta 1.2

Ups yes its working :) I did mistake and ask you how to remove comment button, but I was thinking Answer button :( sorry my bad

Update 2!
        if ($post['isbyuser'] && ($post['basetype']=='Q'))

Simple :)