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As the website is used by many experts, who don´t have time to submit their articles to the database, it would be great to give moderators the possibility to post answers in the name of a user.

User can then send articles by email to the moderator and the moderator post the answers on the website (time saving service for some special users who give authorization for it).

Has this been implemented by someone before?
Is there someone interested to make a small plugin for this?

Another alternativ would be a small tool, to easily change the userid of a post (that was written by the moderator before), but maybe the statistics of the points would then not be accurate and often recalculating points for big websites is probably also not a good solution.

what do you think?
I'm facing the same issue with my new Q2A site. As we're working out formatting, it would be nice to re-post questions (not edit) or convert answers into questions as a particular user. The term for this is user impersonation.

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