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I wanted to understand about Q2A capabilities while deciding to adopt it in my intranet

a) what is Q2A's business model to be sustainable in long term- In worst case, woudl I be able to export the content and migrate to another platform?

b) Are there controls possible for certain user types- approval is required before they can be posted, special moderator priveleges for others etc?

c) are custom 'badges' available?

d) <new edit> I just noted that I am able to create my own tags- isn't that  a problem. I would prefer tags like in Stackoverflow so that searches are on common terminology...


Thanks again...

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a) Of course you can export the data - it's in your own MySQL database.

b) Yes, see demo.question2answer.org and click 'Login in as demo admin'

c) With the Badges plugin - see http://www.question2answer.org/addons.php

d) Yes, with the Tagging Tools plugin