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The URL site.com/ID/name-of-question - it's good, but it not very good. I read all Q&A, but not see answer for change it. (Sorry for my English)

If change slash before "name-of-question" to "-" or "_" SEO is up to over9000 points!

Question only one: how made it?


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Good idea to make option. But google have changed http://www.webmasterworld.com/google/4411492.htm
So... And what does that prove? Or, perhaps, Google - is the only one search engine on the planet? ;) Or - all the things that they write and what they say - it's all true and it is true in reality?

One more thing. About .htaccess. Rewriterules - is good, but there is a very important point: canonical. I think you understand my suggestion.

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Yes, I'm too want answer fo this Q.
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This is a very important topic. Because the presence of the slash after the ID may have a negative impact on the promotion of the site.

The site structure should be clear and logical. And in the case of a forward slash after the ID we have a lot of directories and each - only one page. This is wrong. What's more - it's very bad!

The structure of the site should be only such: domain "/" directory "/" page.
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Cyrillic in URL - automatic transliteration
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Unfortunately I can not write in English, but translated by Google - fully support!

And also is an issue remove all relative addresses of the code. Well, or at least to be able to enable / disable it in one place. Then as now formed address of at least css file - is unacceptable. He then. / File.css then .. / file.css - people, are you? That's not right.

Well, about that ID creates a useless directory, thus - unnecessarily increasing the sub-page - is, according to this forum, a problem that is familiar to many. It is a pity that the developers are looking at is a very overlooked. Because the script is very good. But, as always - fly in the ointment ... : (
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Actually there is no effect on SEO. Stack Overflow has the same URL structure and they are in most programming-related searches. My site does perfectly fine too.