Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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This would be useful for managing opening several questions from a listing page -- mostly, search result pages.

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.qa-q-item-title a:visited{

color:#....you want


Thanks for the answer.

I have realized, together with the answers/comments to my other question (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/18285/ ), that this forum is for users of Q2A who want to customize their instance, rather than for providing feedback in how to improve Q2A itself.

To put it in another way: this entry was a suggestion to change the default Q2A (thus improving it for everyone) rather than a request for how to achieve the effect I described in my own instance alone.

@jatin.soni, do you know whether there is a venue to suggest changes to Q2A itself?
This forum is for both, I think, waldir, since feature requests are welcome. But it's hardly important, since themes are easily adaptable.
That's nice to hear. But I don't understand the downvotes to my other question/suggestion, then...
I have no idea, some people like to downvote. I find the questions perfectly valid.