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When a user has one question, may be he has more.

So, to make it more "liquid" to add another question it would be helpful, if, when the user sees his new question, that there would be a nice link: Ask another question ?

But only after entering a question. A user who is looking the answers shouldn´t see that.

Some idea ?

update: I have added the question form to one other site i own, there the user enters a question and is redirected to the question site with the large form, he enters some additional info and sends the question.

Now first time he sees the question page, and there it would be very useful to offer him a link or button to add the next question without looking to the nav menue.

You can see it here: www.puerto-vallarta-directory.com mid of page is the form. Entering a question redirects the user to the questionspage on www.questions.com.mx

Thank You so much for any hint.
Any idea about adding this kind of link to the newly asked question site only ?
Oh, nice form >> www.puerto-vallarta-directory.com.
I want to be equipped with this form in my portal/blog site too. I do not understand the detailed method, but feel like seeming to be able to equipp on the same server ...
If they want to ask another question can't they just click "Ask a Question" at the top?
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DisgruntledGoat - The advantage would be, that I could place a big red button under the new added question. So the offer to add some more questions would be more direct. It is a bit like animation to participate.

For example a text could be: Earn 100 more points with Your next question... Problem is, to show such button only after a newly added question.

And, another thing: On Your site in IE the squares with voting count and answers cont are one above the other, I saw it today, should be some width or similar. Just for info.

Sama55 - just let me know where the problem is, I help You as good as I can. I am not an expert, still learning. Please see the two links in this post http://www.question2answer.org/qa/1912/ and here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/1965/pass-title-from-my-site-to-q2a#a1966

Thank you monk333 for your advice. I arranged ask-form on the top page of Q2A, too, but it was OK only writing HTML(Form Tag) in the other sites... I thought about a method to be realized by include PHP source. I took it too seriously. ^^;
yes it is quite easy, You as well can include tags You want to transmit, i am doing this actually as well and it works fine. It is just one more input field with id=tags
Regards and congratulations for Your very nice designed site !! Your header is a dream !

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