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Hi I just wonder if anyone know how to seprate single sing on website with wordpress. Of course I want to keep all quesitons, answers and comments.


My main concern is if I will remove wordpress core files, tables, define in config and move q2a site to the root where wordpress is now. Will this works without issue? what will happne with authentication which is handling by wordpress now?

Q2A version: 1.5.3

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I didn't try it but as I remember the code, removing WP tables(exept user table) won't do any harm ro Q2A section. however you will need too keep some of WP's files like wp-load.php and wp-config.php and most files inside wp-includes folder otherwise Q2A would show wordpress's database error.
Thanks for the answer.
But if it requires to keep all wordpress file than it doesn't make sense. Other thing with the single sign on once user get registered (from WP system) Q2A doesn't create record for that user until that user start conversation with Q2A.. Which can results lost user authentication info if delete wordpress db.

May be it look like stupid question but it is not in reality if they think little in depth.
if you want to rip WP completely you will have to convert WP's user table to Q2A's user table and simply change back your qa-config.php file to it's basic format.
if user had records on other tables or not, doesn't really matter.