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First of all, I'm really impressed with the quality of this product!

Really, really, good job and many thanks.

I'll say 'thank you' in anoth€r way when possible ; )


I have seen you suggest to install another Q&A to set it in a different language but... how can I have just the interface translated but same content, in the original language posted?

Thank you for any suggestion
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The language files for Q2A only translate the interface, not the content. So I don't think you don't need to do anything.
so, I install a second Q&A (with the language I want) and on set-up I indicate the db settings of the first one. thank you
Maybe I misunderstood. Do you need two different languages for the interface? If so, yes your idea should work, set up 2 copies of Q2A in different folders and set each one to the same database.

It might be a bit of a maintenance headache, but Q2A doesn't allow users to set their own language so that it probably the best way.
@Diego in this case your site will be a mix of questions and answer with different language. OK?