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@Scott, i'm using your plugin. When i enable check hide CSS inline in admin page. I have a problem in 2 page "show all questions" and "show all answers" of user. On top my page show this problem:

...\qa-plugin\q2a-user-activity-plus-master\qa-user-activity.php on line 144 --> show on Answers posted by user page

...\qa-plugin\q2a-user-activity-plus-master\qa-user-activity.php on line 111 --> show on Questions posted by user page

My temporary fix code : Add more(red color) php code.

if ( !$hidecss )
            $qa_content['custom'] = uact_css();

elseif ( $hidecss )
            $qa_content['custom'] = "";

Thanks for good plugin! :)

Q2A version: 1.5.3

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