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Hello, i've noticed that whenever a new answer has been added for the user, there's no easy way for the user to easily notice that actually there's something new on their accout.

I suppose that once someone comments on a user's question or they receive an answer, other than the optional email notification, the My updates link should atleast change color and show the number of notifications perhaps in a color like red or blue. This makes it more noticiable and visible to the user.

Q2A version: 1.5.3
This is probably going to be added to Q2A 1.6, see http://www.question2answer.org/qa/19647/have-your-say-on-question2answer-1-6

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Hi David, please install NoahY's history plugin which provides this kind of feature:


Download: https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-history
Yes, i've done that, but still i can't see any changes!! Has been working for you? What's your setup?
Check >Admin >Plugins if plugin is listed.

Have you followed all installation instructions?
Check if there is the table qa_eventlogger in your database.

Use the URL: http://www.YOURSITE.COM/user/USERNAME?tab=history if this site exists the plugin is working.

Good luck. Kai
Thanks, but it's still not working.
The qa_eventlogger table exists and the system is even writing data to it. The plugin exists under plugin. But let me struggle with it. thanks again.
Hi David, finally I have created a plugin for better notifications (on site like FB and Stackoverflow), please see http://www.question2answer.org/qa/33127/premium-notifications-facebook-stackoverflow-question2answer