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Hi there,

The email notification was delivering smoothly for a year but suddenly all notifications have been redirected to spam/trash folder of mine and other users' inboxes. What could be the reason? 

I have not changed any of the settings of my server or my site for at least a year. I have been using no-reply address with no SMTP setting. 

This is my site.

Thank you

Q2A version: 1.6.3

2 Answers

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it depends on the hosting provider where you hosted your site.

is this problem is only for no-reply@yourdomain.com ?

or other address also have same issue ?
I checked other addresses like admin@mydomain.com. same issue.
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Use an SSL certificate first. Free SSL is enough.

And do an SPF record check for your domain. If your web site's IP address has changed recently then you have to update the SPF record.