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Prevent post of too many links?

Under >Admin >Spam there is no option for "maximum number of links in post".

Yesterday I got a bot how posted about 20 links at once...

anyone got an idea how to handle this?
@Scott: How are you doing it?

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Since you asked, I'll list the stuff I do for spam.

For the spam user accounts, I have a filter plugin set up to block all usernames registering with "attoryneyjobs" or "attjobs", and a filter for profile info blocking the domain.

For posts on the site, I have it set so all users under 30 points have their posts needing approval. (Each user starts with 20 points on my site so it's the equivalent of one upvote.)

In addition, you need 30 points to upvote. That's to stop someone creating a sock puppet account and upvoting another post just so they can post spam. Seems to be working well so far. It's a little annoying having to approve posts, but some of our users don't read the rules anyway and post bad posts, so it prevents that a little too.
Thanks for the details. The points-to-upvote barrier I have implemented as well. Manual approval is not an option for me as this would mean too much work...

So you do not have a prevent-too-many-links filter?
Any idea how I could setup one? (I checked htmlawed but did not find any option there)