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Again a feature suggestion regarding tagging.

Many users dont tag their questions as long as admin sets a minimum like now available in 1.2

I thought it could be helpful if other users would have the ability to tag a question, lets say up to a number set by the admin.
If the user could receive points for that, all questions without tags would be tagged quite fast.

The asking user and the admin would be the only people to edit these tags afterwards.

Its an idea only, would be interested in other opinions as well.

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I occasionally have problems with tagging on my site but I think the answer is better instructions when the user is adding tags.

Also being able to set minimum tag lengths and banned tags would be great - I get people basically adding the question to the tags, like "how do i do xyz".
Thanks for the answer,

tag lengths and especially banned tags seems to be a very important idea.

The problem with tagging is as You already mentioned that people either dont know how to or that they are too lazy. My Q&A site with drupal uses a module which provides autotagging with the cialis or Yahoo service, works quite well, but drupal is really far too heavy for a Q&A site.
One would need incredible server power to do it well.

So we really only have the option to give better instructions or make it interesting through points for tagging.

I am always afraid to make it complicated for the first time user, and with minimum tags set, some would receive an error message.

You mentioned problems with tagging on Your, by the way excellent, site. What kind of problem is this ? Missing tags or bad tags ?

I think that a highly flexible tagging system is crucial for a Q2A system.