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Now wordpress comes with TwentyTwelve theme which is their best default theme so far. so yesterday I decided to contribute my free time to Q2A comunity and create this theme for you guys. hope it will be usefull.

A shot:

github: https://github.com/Towhidn/Q2A-TwentyTwelve

Dowload: https://github.com/Towhidn/Q2A-TwentyTwelve/archive/master.zip

size: 20 KB

Version: 1.2

*** it's now compatible with Q2A 1.6

Q2A version: designed for 1.6 and higher
you can add Sub Header in admin>Layout >"Include <META> description for home page"
your text there will be added below your logo on all pages.

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failed to install.
What failed? did you get any errors?
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Please click again to confirm when voting negative/positive in question page issue

//I solved this on twenty twelve theme in my website, by removing this bit of code on the theme:
function q_view($q_view)
if (!empty($q_view)) {
$this->output('<DIV CLASS="qa-q-view'.(@$q_view['hidden'] ? ' qa-q-view-hidden' : '').rtrim(' '.@$q_view['classes']).'"'.rtrim(' '.@$q_view['tags']).'>');
if (isset($q_view['main_form_tags']))
$this->output('<FORM '.$q_view['main_form_tags'].'>'); // form for voting buttons
if (isset($q_view['main_form_tags']))
$this->output('</DIV> <!-- END qa-q-view -->', '');
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I can't seem to be able to display view counts on questions :S
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You Can Download RTL Version From http://en.question2answer-farsi.com/