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Hello every one, I'm back with great news. I'm going to make all theme at QA-Themes Free and under MIT license. now I just published Esteem Theme on github.


Theme Documentation



Esteem Theme for Q2A


  • Responsive
  • clean and minimal design
  • options for changing typography, background color and image
  • GZip CSS compression to improve site's speed
  • easy customization

* you can still buy this theme to support developer and get access to premium support.

don't forget to read the documentation and if you had any problems or suggestions sign up at our forum and start a topic there.

Happy New Year


Q2A version: designed for Q2A 1.6 and higher versions
That's a very nice theme
Does this come with RTL support?
I don't have any plans to release Right to Left version yet, but if some one makes a RTL style and wants to share it I'm open to add it to the theme.
The theme seems really nice

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Wow! That was a rocking theme! We needed it, so bad! I am thinking of using it for mobile view.

One question though; say we want the menu be open right at the first load of the website, so that the user does not have to first click on that "menu" button to opne the menu to see "ask your question". So how can we make that menu open be default?
you can uncheck it's option in admin > pages, so this link wont be added to navigation. then use Widget Anywhere plugin to add a link right bellow the navigation. it should be a good option for Mobile only use of this theme.
otherwise you can just remove this line from the theme's css file:
.qa-nav-main {
    display: none;
it's in line 1341 of current versions qa-style.css file. so in mobile view, navigation will be visible by default.
Worked! thank you
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There is no color change for Not answered questions, answered questions, right answer selected questions... It is not visible from front that whether the question is answered or not...

How to change the color for that?

Also the views style is not same as of voted or answers...

How to add that?