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I found the plugin that allows me to upload images to my post and everything looks great when I upload and check the editor, however when I post my question and view the question the system cuts off half of my image.  I have posted an image for illustration purposes.  The entire text should read "This is a test image.  You should be able to read this entire bit of text without anything being cut off.  If you can't read this, then there is an issue."


Q2A version: 1.5.4

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in your qa-styles.css file add


max-width: 100%



Or you need to set width and height manually from image editor while uploading

Thanks pixelngrain.  I had to add a semi colon after the 100% for the CSS to work.  It now puts the image into the post, but squishes the image and if the image is too wide it makes it hard to read.  Q2A already automatically uses the correct pixel dimensions for the image.  Is there a way to make the actual webpage where the questions and answers are a bit wider?
Oh sorry I mistype with semi-colon good you notice and added. mas-width:100% means it will fit and shrink the image if it is wider than parent container.

For wider question page you need to modify css where you will get more width than current. But make sure total page width should not be wider than 1000px or maximum 1100px so devices of 1024px width can view full  width of page otherwise they will get horizontal scroll bar