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I was wondering if it possible to have Q2A SSO, if Q2A is on www.example.com with another domain www.somethingelse.com.

I tried doing it, so for login and registration, it will take me to the login and registration pageon www.somethingelse.com but will not redirect back to www.example.com

i am just looking for the php code to put in my login.php of www.somethingelse.com that would redirect the user to www.example.com once login is completed. If anyone can guide me how to do it properly (only if its possible)

Thanks well in advance



P.S- i am willing to pay a minimal amount if thats the case. Cheers

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Completely doable. In fact, we do it on our site. See https://circuithub.com (main application) and https://support.circuithub.com (q2a support site). Feel free to signup (it's a free service) to test out the SSO behavior.

We used Towhid at http://qa-themes.com. He was excellent, efficient, and very communicative. Highly recommend if you need expert SSO help.

Thank you  Jonathan
I saw your site- it works.
I have contacted Towid and waiting for his reply- thanks again for recommending some one.
I have some other plans now- cause i am not too sure how much users will like going to other website for log in and registration, so may be use individual login/registration for both of the sites and then integrate them together.
Lets see how it goes, i will posted.

Thanks and regards