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I've recently paid for some advertising, links etc and am getting a small number of users visiting the site each day, but have an absolutely tiny conversion rate

The site is at http://myweek.co.uk/ and I'm now at a loss on not only to promote the website, but also how to encourage people to actually get involved and start posting

Does anyone please have any tips you could share to help get this Q&A site up and running? :)

Many thanks

It's recommended not to show "Activity Count" at your site when you're site is still small.

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Take the help of google.

Use google adword and other site like linkbuck to advertise your site :-)

If you dont want to spend money on Advertisement, then follow this ( I am running tons of site and this trick really helps):

create fake users and questions (wait ! no fake questions and answer, only fake users).

and then browse other Question and answer site, like answer.yahoo.com or stackoverflow, then copy question and answer to your sites, and remember to modify it little.

this will suerly increase google activity on your site. And dont forget social sites.

try it.
Many thanks, I've just tried adwords and have already filled the site with some content (with a bit of interaction from others too which is promising!)

Best regards
remember that you need to be patience, Just keep posting by yourself and take help of your friends too. Best of luck. I am also launching a Q&A site with an awesome design :-)
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Maybe this thread on Q2AClub can prove helpful to you. Here we are giving tips to improve and grow our Q2A websites or communities.

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the best think that you can do is working on the seo on-page and off-page

Make good questions: You can make fake users but donĀ“t copy the content of other pages like yahoo answers because google penalizes duplicate content.

You can use a tool like keyword planner https://adwords.google.com.mx/KeywordPlanner  for see the popularity of the words on the questions

put a responsive theme for mobile trafic

Make friendship with other communities like the yours and make links to your site. this increase your P.A (Page Authority) and make ranking very fast your page in google wink

Buy adds from adworks or FB ads

and wait until the traffic comes to your site.