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Just out of curiosity: I found http://mathoverflow.net/ today, and it looks very similar to our q2a software, being modified a lot...

Btw, check out the implemented live user search: http://mathoverflow.net/users

same for tags: http://mathoverflow.net/tags

Have a good evening!

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It was a Stack Exchange 1.0 site, back when SE allowed people to set up their own sites. Now SE runs all the sites themselves so they are either still on the old version (and paying like $2000 per month or something) or perhaps they migrated to OSQA.

Edit: judging by the HTML and class names used, it's almost certainly a SE site.
@pixelngrain I have downloaded the osqa. After testing it, I will let you know the result.
@Aryan Rahul,
Either I too didn't compare. Just was replying your question. :) I have already work around OSAQA in some way before adopted Q2A and I found Q2A is much flexible and easier ( may be because I dont like python :P ) and also in my fev language PHP MySQL. So that is for sure I am not gonna change my mind with Q2A :)
OSQA is based on something called CNPROJ which was an exact clone of Stack Overflow by some Chinese developers. I know CNPROJ was the first major SO clone but I don't know exactly when OSQA started.
Reference (Server requirements)
Hurdle seems to be high. Dedicate server is indispensable?