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How can I use header from Snow theme(with login/password inputs and FB login/logout button)

on non q2a php page? Of course when user is log in I would like to show username, points, logout buttons etc.

Thanks in advance!
Q2A version: 1.5.4
Are you using WordPress with Q2A as a Single Sign On?
I have couple of landing page written in pure php where I want put header from q2a. I am not using any cms or blog platform.

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I think than you can include some of q2a app pages like user app page etc. than you will be able to use that method and condition to check if user is logged in or not to switch login form to display user info.

To display point you can use built in function by including the page or you can run custom query to populate the data from the database.

To connect database and get QA table prefix you can include config file to your system. If you want to use on multiple sites than best way to do is create your own class and write some method which you can reuse for other langing pages as well.