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Well, you probably heard the news today.

Offtopic: Google Reader shuts down, where should I read q2a feed now?

Any recommendations for online RSS readers?

+ need a reader that marks an item as read after clicking on it

+ sorting in folders would be great, and displaying items in 1 list from the folder

+ duplicate items (if title has been changed) should be avoided

Thanks for your tips!

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Found a good alternative, RSS Reader Addon for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/brief/
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The 3 most popular ones that I have seen mentioned since this news:

Alternatively there are extensions for most browsers. Opera also has a feed reader built-in.

Leaving google reader and using a browser plugin actually brings back some privacy. Having this in mind, I will try to stick to browser plugins.

PS: Some plugins, though, can access your data and distribute it, so pay attention who the developer is.
BTW I am now using The Old Reader. Feedly is actually a browser extension that runs even when the browser is not running.
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I use Netvibes.