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Hello Mr Gideon Greenspan
thanks for this script..  2 days ago i downloaded this script & i was too excited about this script.. but when i install & login as a super admin.. i never find out how to delete users.. questions.. answers.. etc..

Only i can hide questions.. as you know this world is full of spammers..

waiting your reply

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There is no delete option (yet).
Thanks for quick answer.. can you let me know in future this feature will be in this script ?
Yes, I expect it will appear in future, but I can't yet be sure exactly when.
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I really think having a delete option is a must. If a user post objectionable content, the admin must be able to delete it.
There is already a hide function. This is very similar to deleting, in that the content is no longer visible to normal users. The only difference from deleting is that it remains in the database.
i have some sites.. & as my experience is approx 80% comment or other input data is coming to my site as a  spam. If only i can hide then unnecessary data will be in database
I understand, and will hope to add delete in future. In the meantime you might be interested that beta 3 will have CAPTCHA support to help reduce spam.