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As far as I know there is not such priority render system for layer ( just like WordPress hook ) where we can priotize function to override other plugin layer.


Plugin X1
function head_script()

//plugin x1 script;

Plugin X2
function head_script()

//plugin x2 script;

So here how system will priotize the layer for each plugin? Is there any key to define? If yes how? If not than this is really important when there will be more plugin will start to add same layer for them functionality.


I just encountered with this issue while creating another plugin and want to add layer which I have alreqdy been used for other plugin and now it is not allowing addition to that code.

$this->output('<DIV CLASS="qa-q-list-item '.$this->myclasshere.rtrim(' '.@$q_item['classes']).'" '.@$q_item['tags'].'>');

Here I am trying to add another class from another plugin but it is not allowing to add and system neither override nor add.

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I am sorry for that. I have replied to your PM.

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