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I have recently spent a week customizing a Q2A website and had to resort to hardcoding <forms> into specialised pages inorder to collect specific formats of information.

Now that I am satisfied with the effectiveness of this work-around I DO NOT wish for there to be the link

"Help get things started by submitting a report."

At the bottom of the empty home page. How can I disable this prompt because I really would prefer to restrict submissions via the edted custom pages instead of the default ./ask

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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If we are speaking of the same prompt, stangely enough, I have "Help things get started by asking a question" instead of "submitting a report".

But maybe this is part of your hack (text changed).

If you want to hide this prompt, find in the qa-style.css file the following:

.qa-suggest-next {
 ... / ...

and add 'displaynone;' in it.

I don't think this css class appears anywhere else in the code, so that shouldn't interfere with other css directive ... and this is a pretty easy way to do it.