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Since I installed the Q2A script, I noticed in webmaster tools that my domain is getting extra 200 impressions in google results just for this string:  "help get things started by asking a question", at around position 30-50.

Initially I thought it is free exposure and traffic.  Then I noticed that I have zero (0) clicks from this.  So I am not really getting any traffic from this.  Only my webmaster tools are distorted.  And here are some thoughts about the issue that I need your help:

1) Maybe google upgrades my site because it thinks it gets more impresions.  This is good.

2) My webmaster tools statistics are distorted, I get the wrong impression.  This is bad.

3) Maybe this search string is the way for spammers locate my site.  But then again, no clicks from it.  I am puzled.

4) Why would people make so many searches for this string?  It is people who want to locate Q2A site, regardless of content, right?  So who are they, the spammers?  This is bad.

Therefore I think it might be better to change the text of this question.

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They are spammers. If your site grows and gets more backlinks, it will move up the rankings and spammers will start clicking it. Impressions doesn't affect Google's ranking to other queries, so you have no reason to not remove it.

My site was getting to the stage where spammers were finding it this way, so I removed it. Really easy to do. Just change the words around if you want. eg help get things started - ask a question.