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Some users do like this:










and then write something.


I would like to filter line-breaks and reduce such spaces.

In HTML it is:


I can find these posts with mysql like that:

SELECT *  FROM `qa_posts` WHERE `content` LIKE '%<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>%'

However, is there a way to filter posts when posted?

How would you do it?


PS: All <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> in a row should become one: <p>&nbsp;</p>
Q2A version: 1.5.4
I have same trouble too. It may be tuning problem or bug of CKeditor...? If we read pages of this neighborhood carefully, can we solve this?
"ignoreEmptyParagraph = true" option ?
Tried the config option "ignoreEmptyParagraph". No effect visible.

I think it has to be done serverside in PHP. Scott once described how this can be done with a filter plugin: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/19331/how-to-disallow-posts-of-links-to-external-images?show=19350#a19350

By the way, same "paragraph" / "line break" problem appears with that HTML: &nbsp;<br />
<br />
&nbsp;<br />

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Found the according regex to filter the content string:

$Content preg_replace('~\s?<p>(\s|&nbsp;)+</p>\s?~'''$Content); 


Only question where to implement it the best possible...

--- Edit: Did it with a filter plugin:

Setting up a filter plugin works:

1. File qa-plugin.php:
    qa_register_plugin_module('filter', 'qa-filter-empty-paragraphs.php', 'qa_filter_empty_paragraphs', 'Filter Empty Paragraphs');

2. File qa-filter-empty-paragraphs.php
    class qa_filter_empty_paragraphs {

        var $directory;
        function load_module($directory, $urltoroot)

        function filter_question(&$question, &$errors, $oldquestion) {}

        function filter_answer(&$answer, &$errors, $question, $oldanswer) {
            // replace empty p tags causing unnecessary line breaks, such as <p>&nbsp;</p>
            $answer['content'] = preg_replace('~\s?<p>(\s|&nbsp;)+</p>\s?~', '', $answer['content']);

        function filter_comment(&$comment, &$errors, $question, $parent, $oldcomment){}