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Could you please add subcategory feature.

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Have you thought about using tags? In my opinion, if you need subcategories then you have too many categories and should be using tags. They are better suited to this kind of thing.
I have already 214 categories. What do you recommend me, should I disable categories ?
I agree, if there are categories, there as well should be subcategories. It is not allways about the quantity of categories or tags, some topics have well structured classes, which are best represented through categories.
For example any site with a regional context needs categories instead of tags. So, I as well hope that this feature can be included in a near future.
Most of people forgets to input tags, some of them pays no attention to input tags. If you enforce them to input tags, most of them writes some random meaningless characters like 'ljklhjdfhb'.
I'm thinking that if I don't use categories there will be chaos.
214 categories does sound like a huge amount! But I do see your points about organisation. I haven't experienced that myself personally, my site has quite young users but they still manage to add tags with no problems.

You could edit the error message when a user doesn't add tags, with more explanation. See the qa-lang-question.php file.