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Better questions lead to better conversations. The reason why it seems logical to enable up/down voating questions on Q&A websites.

It just work fine !

but once you put a follow button on question's page things goes wrong because : Following a question signales TOO that the question is good.

And you have two systems that compete ( upvoting, following).

if you look at Quora.com, the relevance of questions is based on the number of people following the question. There is no up/down question's voting. And the founder explains it clairely here : 

So on Q2A , my suggestion of improvement, is to add  "number of followers" to the Questions hotness criteria if administrator choose to disable voting on questions. 











Q2A version: Q2A 1.6 beta

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QA hotness works slight different I believe. For further improvements, the hostness somehow should be set as twitter trending topic. The concept of "new questions" should be improved. It will be good if the admins optionally can set hotness based on "Today's" questions and "New Questions based on any date"