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Hi did any one have source code for the q2a app?  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.q2a

Q2A version: 6.1

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I sent them an email, here is the reply:

Hi Noah,

Thank you for showing interest in Android app. We will not be releasing source code of Android app but if you would like to have Android app for your site please let me know, we will design.

We will host this app in Google play store and many other stores, maintain and upgrade app regularly. This will help your site to get mobile presence. App will contain banner ads at the bottom but you can disable those, please see below FAQ. If you still have any questions then feel free to write me.

We will also promote your app in our ad network and all this will be for FREE.

If you want to disable your app anytime then just send us a mail and we will disable app from all Android stores.

We will be continuously working on the improvement of the app so you will get benefit of it.

Please let me know your interest.
Thanks & regards,


What kind of ads you will run in App?
App will contain 50% sponsor ads and 50% other network app ads.

Can I completely remove ads from the app?
Yes, you can remove ads from app just for $100 one time fees but then your app will not be promoted in network.

I developed my Android app, can I disable this app?
Yes, send us a mail and we will disable app from all stores.

Can I host this App in my Google Play account?

Yes you can. If there are bugs/issues then you need to contact us for upgrade.

The app I've been working on to replace this one is on Github, here:


Noah, Can you confirm Calvin's email address to contact him. If taht doesn't work out i'd be happy to support devloping your code.

@christophercorr you can reach on godailyapps at gmail.com
How much does it cost?