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When you put your question to Google, you'll se "question": + page description. It's not good for SEO becoiuse title is too long.
Where to delete site info ?

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I'm not sure I understand, but if you mean that you want to remove the META description tag from the question pages, you can comment out this line:

$qa_content['description']=qa_html(qa_shorten_string_line($question['content'], 150));

You can also make it shorter by lowering the number 150.
no becouse I want to have descr. Copy any question to google. You'll see that there is:
question title + Question2Answer
Second part is useful
So I want delete part of title
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To remove the site name from page titles, change this line in qa-page.php:

'<TITLE>'.((empty($qa_content['title']) || empty($qa_request)) ? '' : (strip_tags($qa_content['title']).' - ')).qa_html(qa_get_option($qa_db, 'site_title')).'</TITLE>'


'<TITLE>'.((empty($qa_content['title']) || empty($qa_request)) ? qa_html(qa_get_option($qa_db, 'site_title')) : strip_tags($qa_content['title'])).'</TITLE>'

I feel this solution should be default option, remove site name. If someone want to add site name after every question then they can do looking at this solution.

even Wordpress dont use site name after post title.

what do you think?
Maybe - if enough people agree with this!
okay, lets wait for votes.

but if site title is long then page title in search engine doesn't look good.
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Personally I disagree, I much prefer having the site name at the end of the page title - in fact most websites do this anyway. Also, it's not a problem if the page title is a bit long, as long as the important part (i.e. the question title) is in the first 65 characters.

However, it would be better if the title tag (and all HTML content) was part of the theme, so users can edit this easily if needed.
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Out of my view I would prefer an optional solution for the sites name in the title.

The sitename in the title is important if the site has a descriptive name.
It as well could be helpful to have this searchterm at the beginning of the title.
A custom basic term in the sitedescription as well could help for sites with a nondescriptive name.

I think for a future release best would be the 2 options:

-custom term


- beginning
- end
- dont show

I think this felxibility is important, as many questions titles, related to the websites topic, do not include the most important term if the sites name does not include it.

More options like including the category name in the title are thinkable as well...

Dont want to make it complicated, but these questions will come often, once many more people use Q2A..