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I installed Max Control Theme but as the image shows, there is no numbers of vote counting in the questiosn list. Anyone knows what is wrong?

Q2A version: latest, downloaded 06-21-13

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Check the color for vote counter  color and vote counter lable color in Vote, Answer and View Counters Options section of Max Control Theme options

Try to change to any dark color and save it and see if it is appear now.. 

I also suggest you to post any problem related Max Control on Q2A Market Max Control section. So we can track everything and also other people can use if they have the same problem.

Thanks for your understanding.

Did not worked. Only the "answers" label changed. I changed everything related to labels, with different dark colors.
Need to check.. did you write anything in custom.css? do you have any url to check?
No custom css. I will later install a new instance with new database to check for these erros I am getting.
Okay found the issue for vote counter. It is happening due to long text in the language you are using.

Please see the fix here. http://store.q2amarket.com/store/products/max-control-responsive/#comment-88