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Hi, I don't know why there is a double slash in some url of my Q&A site. 

I change:


'questions' => 'preguntas',
'categories' => 'categorias',
'users' => 'usuarios',
'user' => 'usuario',
'tags' => 'etiquetas',
'tag' => 'etiqueta',
'ask' => 'pregunta',
'unanswered' => 'sin-respuesta',
'updates' => 'actualizaciones',
'account' => 'mi-cuenta',
And all works fine, but in determined cases there is a extra slash. 
For example if you register a new account, in the confirmation email you can see it.
Q2A version: 1.6

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You didn't post the example of url what you are getting??

If you are getting something like http://www.yoursite.com//your-question than this is may be in your site general settings.

Adimn > General  in that Prefered Site URL: check at the end if thre is double slash

If this is not the issue than pleaes post exact url to see if can help.

Thanks jatin.soni, that was the problem.
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I think you speak spanish.


En el panel de control, en la seccion general la URL de tu sitio debe de tener doble slash al final
Yes, that was the problem... thanks (gracias! te pondría mejor respuesta ya que has sido el primero pero como solo has contestado en español aquí me linchan...)
Te ayudo en lo que necesites :)